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News! Flat Connections Conference, Sydney June 2014

I had an interesting couple of hours at SHORE School, Sydney as part of my trip into the 'big smoke' this week. SHORE is just as Cameron Paterson described it - especially the part about views to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.…


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Telling a story

What story would have the most impact to bring both understanding of the problem and the solution to excessive consumption of sugary beverages?  How can you take an idea that has already been done and package it into a program that other communities can use and benefit from the work you've done?  How do you change behavior, habits, and culture to bring about LASTING healthy change?

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Global Virtual Classroom Clubhouse - current projects


Using Google's street view of five random locations, Geoguesser assigns points for closeness to the actual location. We are challenging teams of students to work on obtaining the highest score!

Peace Week - 2013-14 school year

How do you…


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Virtual Participants - Latest information to join Flat Classroom Live! Hawaii THIS WEEK!

It is not too late to join us virtually here in Hawaii. We kick off tomorrow, July 24, and need more virtual teacher team members.

Fill in the online form if you are interested.

Here is a message sent out to all virtual registrants today - it has valuable linke to the wiki and info about how to be a…


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Planning Day!

‪#‎flatclass2013‬ Hawaii Live team! Planning day before the conference. — with Vicki A Davis, Julie Lindsay, Theresa Allen, and Frank Guttler…


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Aloha Hawaii!! Are you ready for this?

This is a copy of the letter to students I emailed out just now. I've also put it on the wiki. You'll need to join both of these places as the conference starts, so save time and do it now. See you soon!  

Hello students!
This is Mrs. Vicki Davis. I'm excited that I'll be your lead facilitator this upcoming week at the Punahou School. It is going to be a fantastic week! Your…

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Use Twitter in your… Continue

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Fantastische Erzählungen vom.

Des Abends bei den ingifts: Pennen sie endlich? sprach mini bosse leise.„Nee, scheinbar nicht“ erwiederte freaky kreaturen „Wollen wir mal klären?“„Ach nee, lieber nicht“ „Hoffentlich passiert es am heutigen Abend und wir schlafen nicht wieder ein, paßt mal auf die ungeheuer neben Euch auf, ob sie noch wach sind“ freaky monsters Gesangssolist wurde ein bißchen laut.

„Pst, pst“ kam es da auch auf Anhieb von dem Wache monster an der Tür „leise sein“„Und wenn Eure Nachbar monster einschlafen… Continue

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Reflections on the Flat Classroom Conference at Yokohama International School, Japan 2013

Reflections on an innovative, pioneering conference -  the Flat Classroom Conference 2013 at Yokohama International School, Japan.

The goal: To provide ‘flatclassroom’ experiences for both physical and virtual conference attendees  across the globe with the innovative use of cutting edge technology.  To truly flatten walls across oceans, hemispheres, time zones etc is largely unchartered territory.…


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Day #3 of Flat Classroom Conference from a Virtual Participants Point of View

(See the youtube video created by Violet Lindsay after a collaborative effort of sharing images, feelings, a google hangout etc by some of the virtual participants.)

The final day saw a later start and altered timetable for the Flat Classroom Conference 2013 in Yokohama, Japan. Our most active virtual participants gathered in the backchannel chat and shared conversations. Live…


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Virtual Communities

I think this concept of virtual communities is so interesting and potentially very powerful- I came across a google hangout that happened last night with a group of students who call themselves the "Fellowship of the Ning" - if you haven't heard of how they came together and their process of collaborating it is interesting to watch:

This morning at the flatclassroom…


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Pitching Contact For Aid

After two days of amazing collaborative work and enthusiastic web development, Team Yellow (1) (yeah, not a very creative name, let's call us Brendan, Sam, Alex and Christina) presented



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A Virtual Participant's Perspective

I remember seeing a tweet from Julie Lindsay about joining the Flatclassroom Conference virtually.  How cool I thought - plus it gave SUNY credit and seemed to be a great connection with my COETAIL course.  I set everything up, got familiar with the tools, invited a friend to join in beijing and waited in anticipation for it to begin.

My expectations were high and I was super pumped to make it work. It didn't go as I…


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Day #2 of the Flat Classroom Conference 2103

As the state that I live in enjoys its hottest March on record, I worked as quickly as possible to  water some of my garden before the conference started.  In a split second of anxiety, I thought I would miss it altogether as I was about to step on a snake! Luckily it was not a snake but a blue tongue lizard.…

A blue tongue lizard mistaken for a snake


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In and Out of Connection: Just a Few Thoughts on the Last Couple of Days..

Even though things did not go as planned I feel  that I still got a lot out of my experience and attendance as virtual participant. Often we have ideas and visions of things and experiences that will come to us, however when these initial ideas change into something different we end up disappointed and discouraged. I would like to say that staying positive and looking into what was actually accomplished rather than not accomplished is the key to success in situations like that. We need to…


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Virtual Participants welcome and information - Flat Classroom Conference 2013


Taken by Alan Levine - It's meant to be me welcoming everyone to the conference

Welcome everyone! A special welcome also to our virtual participants at the…


Added by Julie Lindsay on March 8, 2013 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

Building Resilience by Breaking Down Barriers

I just watched a stream about building resilience and I think that it comes down to enhancing the ways that we connect with others. Through improving the ways we communicate with the world, we realise and we understand that we are not so different after all and that we have so many more things in common than we realise. It is coming together that empowers us to work together and gives us strength in working together as a whole.

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Almost virtual participant.

I've been trying to check in from my classroom, including describing the conference to my grade 4 class and watching some of the live video together.

You can add my experience to the list of people experiencing tech problems, however I haven't found it to be frustrating since I'm not trying to participate actively.

However, it appears that the technical problems are almost all related to the 'live' elements of the collaboration, ustream & backchannel in my case. When I have…


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Global Digital Story Telling Platform for your Flat Classroom Project seeded by UNESCO PPN

Our fond love for Julie and your work with the Flat Classroom Project conference.

I developed an educational digital storytelling Ning platform for UNESCO Power of Peace Network for African youth called "I am African This is my story...". This is now an international platform. Feel free to leverage this platform for setting up class groups, personal pages and downloading curriculum on digital storytelling. There is also a…


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A place for real and virtual participants of Flat Connections Conference and other live events.


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